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Referral Program.



The SONORANtech IT Referral Program pays you $1,000 each and every time you refer a client to us. Plain and simple.

Learn how via our simple steps!

How It Works:

We've provided a dedicated referral link you can send to your contacts. (Find the link below in the section titled Referral Link).



Send that link out to friends, family and professional connections who could benefit from our IT MSP service.

If they sign up for our services, you'll receive $1,000 and the referred client will receive 10% off the entirety of their contract. It's a win-win!


Note: We offer 2 service packages in 1,2 & 3 year package offerings. Customer must sign up for at minimum a 1-year agreement in either service packaging to qualify.

Referral Link:

Simply send your contact the following link and we'll handle the rest.

So, Who is a Good Fit For SONORANtech IT?

The ideal client for SONORANtech IT is a company size of around ~10-40 employees.

The typical employee of this company will use a laptop remotely and use an array of business apps (skype, O365/Gmail, Calendly, etc).

This company may or may not have an in-house IT team. (We can augment their existing IT operations or replace).

How to Start the Conversation?

"Hey, I have a friend who runs a local botique IT MSP. He has ~7 years in IT and a background in engineering. His company touts saving companies a lot of money on their IT since he runs a small team with near-zero overhead.

Plus, he gave me a referral link and anyone I send it to get 10% off for the life of thier contract. 
Would you be interested in checking it out?"

Intested in learning more about SONRANtech IT services?  

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