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Your Remote Primiere IT MSP.

Maintain IT Resilience, Mitigate Cyber Risk, and Support Employee Tech Needs With Ease.

Our Value to Our Customers:

Reliabile and secure IT infrastructure assets, including employee devices, databases, servers, and office equipment.

24x7x365 remote Help Desk Services to address any IT-related issues promptly.

Ongoing employee IT support, including assistance with onboarding, off boarding, app and device management.

Optimize the utilization of existing infrastructure resources to minimize operational expenses.

Ongoing cyber security assessments designed to ensure cyber resilience and educate workforce on cyber threats.

Obtain a real-time overview of security threats and infrastrcture vulnerabilities of you IT infrastructure

Your Branded Support Portal

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As a client, you'll get a company-branded portal allowing employees to:


  • Submit tech support request questions

  • Access a centralized  Knowledge Base managing key SOPs and docs

  • Access and manage support tickets in real time

Our Service Packages:


8X5 Help Desk Support

Employee Onboarding & Offboading

Application Management

Physical Device Management

Managed O365/Google


Everything in Support+

Proactive Cyberwatch

Antivirus Deployment Management & Monitoring

Data Backup & Restoration

Ransomeware/Malware Protection & Response

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